Happy Birthday, Shaq!

It's Shaq's birthday and #ShaqBday is trending on twitter! So of course, we clicked on the hashtag and the first tweet as stumbled on brought back a lot of childhood memories for some of us here at Daily Rehash.

Shaquille O'Neal

Remember when Shaq starred in the movie Kazaam as a powerful genie?

We'll never forget. Charles Barkley definitely hasn't forgotten either.

Unfortunately for Shaq, Kazaam never compared to Michael Jordan's Space Jam. Last week rumors circulated that LeBron James was in talks to star in Space Jam 2.

But we digress. Today is Shaq's day and as much as we love to tease him about Kazaam, he seems like a pretty awesome guy. Plus, he could totally beat any of us up.

Remember when Shaq picked up Jon Stewart like a baby?anigif_enhanced-buzz-11117-1332853399-25

There was also the time he was in a shootout with a Trick Shot Titus.

Plus he's an amazing dancer.

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