Lindsay Lohan's Appearance On The Tonight Show Was...Actually Pretty Fun

Last night Lindsay Lohan appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming docu-series produced by Oprah's OWN network.


Jimmy invited Lindsay back for a Mean Girls reunion on the show. YES PLEASE.

Last night, she appeared to be a little goofy, awkward but mostly charming and of course Jimmy Fallon was a total gentlemen. Apparently when Oprah calls her, she lets it go to voicemail because, uh, who doesn't want a voicemail from Oprah? Pretty sure we'd all do that.

They ended up playing Water War and Jimmy lost, big time.

The docu-series premiers on the OWN Network Sunday, March 9.

Are we excited to watch Oprah set Lindsay straight?



Ok maybe a little.


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