Everybody Thinks They're Hilarious on April Fool's Day

It's April Fool's Day! Hooray! Or if you hate pranks. Booooo. The hashtags #AprilFools, #NotAnAprilFool, #AprilFoolsDay are all trending on twitter so clearly everyone is on guard today. We've been fooled one too many times by a fake engagement, a baby announcement, the left handed Whopper. THE LEFT HANDED COMMUNITY IS STILL MAD ABOUT THAT ONE BURGER KING. Don't believe anything you read today!In our latest episode of Daily Rehash, our host Christen covers the Top 5 April Fool's Day pranks. Watch it now. Do it.

Most people are on high alert today trying to avoid being the fool.

Everybody thinks they're HILARIOUS on April Fool's Day. Everybody. And they're taking to twitter to prove it.

TMZ pranked a whole bunch of Beliebers who were trying to call into TMZ to defend their man.

Oscar Meyer announced their new "Bacon Attachment."

American Well made a very convincing April Fool's Day joke. Introducing Puppy chat!

Olay Skin Care tried but failed with their tweet that basically says "Retweet this if you're old."

And this kid's grandma ruined his lunch and by ruined we mean made it significantly healthier.

Have a great day today. Hang in there.

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