Hashtag Wars: Top 17 #WorseCoachellaBands


Today is the first day of the first weekend of the famous Coachella festival held out in the California desert. Where all kinds of so called music aficionados get together to listen to their favorite obscure bands (and do lots of drugs). Have you heard of some of the bands going? A$AP Ferg, Bo Ningen, Jhene' Aiko. We asked 9 people to try to pronounce the Coachella bands names on camera as quickly as they could and it was a disaster to say the least. So please watch our Coachella Pronunciation Guide because you don't want to be caught at Coachella slurring a band's name. Unless you're wasted. Which is likely if you're partying at Coachella.

In the spirit of Coachella, @Midnight started a hashtag war with the hashtag #WorseCoachellaBands. When we started reading through the tweets, there were so many good ones we decided to include a few extra in our list today.

Are you one of the many attending the Coachella festival? We narrowed down the 5 Types of People at Coachella in our latest episode of Rehash. From the hippies to the bro's to the music snobs who chastise anyone who pronounced the V in CHVRCHES, do you fit into one of the "types"?

Here are a few more of our favorite #WorseCoachellaBands

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