6 Awkward Moments From The MTV Movie Awards

Last night were the MTV Movie Awards hosted by Conan O'Brien! Did your DVR forget to record it? Or are you just wishing you could relive it all? Here are 6 awkward moments that stood out from last night's show. 

 Conan O'Brien MTV Movie Awards


1. Who else felt weird about Conan hosting the MTV Awards? Besides himself?

When Conan emerged from the giant 5,000 pound flaming bucket o' popcorn even he seemed like he was surprised to be there and he quickly made a joke about it saying, "This stage doubles as a commercial for adderall but it's appropriate. Fires, explosions, and rap music: all things you associate with Conan O'Brien!" Every time a celebrity in the audience was shown on camera he or she looked like, "Eeehh, I'd rather be watching the new episode of Game Of Thones."  

Will Poulter

Nikki Minaj


Will Poulter (We're The Millers), Nikki Minaj (Most recently, our nightmares) and whoever this last group of young cool people are (apparently we're old) all looked ABSOLUTELY entertained by Conan O'Brien's entrance! (Sarcasm is fun!)


2. Amanda Seyfriend screwed up her lines because she didn't wear her contacts (WHAT A GREAT IDEA!) making her introduction for best comedic performance more awkward than funny.


3. Chris Pratt didn't present so much as come out on stage and ask viewers to continue to vote for Movie of the Year. It was awkward for a couple of reasons. 1. When he came out on stage, there was no microphone for him. 2. At some point, he gave up trying to be funny because the jokes written for him weren't that funny. 3. To combat that, he basically ended up saying he didn't care if we voted or not. We love Chris Pratt though.


4. Rita Ora ripped off Zac Efron's shirt after handing him the award for best shirtless performance which was mostly just awkward for him.

Zac Efron Shirtless


5. Johnny Depp showed up to introduce the nominees for Movie of the Year. We're not sure if he was trying to pull a Pharrell with the hat but if he was, it did not work. Where did Johnny get that hat? He took "hobo chic" to just plain "hobo." If he paid money for it, we give up. Plus Grumpy Cat was already there rocking the Pharrell hat. 

Johnny Depp Hat

Johnny Depp Hat


6. And lastly, Jared Leto. Oh Jared. After winning Best On-Screen Transformation, he later announced the nominees for Best Villian but not before begging the audience for a ride back to Coachella which explains why he looked extra smelly.

Johnny Depp Hat


Which awkward moments did we leave out? Let us know!

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