Move Over Waffle Taco, There's a New Heart Attack In Town: Dominos Specialty Chicken

Last month Taco Bell launched their new breakfast menu with items like the Waffle Taco. Not to be outdone, Dominos is entering the so bad it might be disgustingly delicious fast food ring with their new menu option. It's called "Specialty Chicken" and essentially it replaces pizza crust with breaded chicken. That's right. Here's what it looks like.


Dominos Specialty Chicken


Basically, it's pieces of fried chicken covered in pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. There are only two reasons why you'd order the Specialty Chicken. You either really hate yourself and you're incredibly drunk (or high). 


Yesterday on The Rehash, host Will Rubio called Dominos directly to find out what's so "special" about this "specialty chicken." 



After talking ourselves out of ordering two of them immediately, we instead went to twitter and found our Top 10 FAVORITE Tweets Reacting To The New Specialty Chicken.





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