Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #FailedApps


We hope you all survived another April Fool's Day without falling for another one of your friend's fake Facebook statuses. Ugh. It's ok to say it. The internet was pretty lame yesterday...except for Midnight's hashtag game of course.

#FailedApps is a hashtag with endless potential. Some twitter users created entirely new apps that would absolutely fail. While others put a spin on some of the classic apps we know and are addicted to. Ladies and gentlemen, we present our Top 10 #FailedApps.

While we're on the topic of failure, how's your dating life? (AMAZING SEGUE, WE KNOW.) Our #Disharmony host, Nikki Limo, left the online world behind and took to the streets to find love. What's spontaneous 30 second speed dating like in Los Angeles? Find out.

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