Ronald McDonald Got A Makeover. SPOILER ALERT: He's Still Creepy

McDonald's revealed this week that Ronald McDonald recieved a makeover for the first time in years. Ronald McDonald's has been making kids uncomfortable and freaking out parents since 1963 (when he was played by....WILLARD SCOTT. True story.)! 



After sort of fading into the background for a few years because some groups complained that the clown was being used to market unhealthy food to children, McDonald's has proudly announced that Ronald isn't going anywhere. In fact, he's got a couple of new outfits and will be featured in a few TV ads later this year.  


McDonald's has also announced that he will have a stronger social media presence and while he won't have his own twitter account (smart move), he's "ready to show how fun can make great things happen." The company also quoted him saying, " I come!" Creepy.


 Here he is in one of his new outfits.


Since Ronald McDonald will be making more of a splash online these days, let's see how his makeover is being received on twitter.



 We thought about making a list of things creepier than Ronald McDonald but we couldn't think of anything. So instead, we switched it up and present:


5 Things Ronald McDonald is still creepier than...


1. This doll (or any doll in a museum, really).

Creepy Doll In Museum


2. The Edgar Allan Poe masks worn by the cult in the TV show The Following.The Following 


3. The many faces of Nicolas Cage.

Many faces of Nicolas Cage


4. The word "moist." 

The Word Moist Is The Worst


5. Remember Furbies?

Creepy Furbies


Ronald, let's chat for a second. Yes, we think you are creepy but we're willing to make a deal. IF WE ADMIT THAT WE EAT MCDONALD'S ON A SOMEWHAT REGULAR BASIS AND THE MCMUFFIN WILL ALWAYS BEAT OUT THE WAFFLE TACO AND WE APPRECIATE THAT THE PRICE OF DRINKS ARE ONLY $1  WILL YOU PROMISE TO NEVER TAKE A SELFIE, EVER? Let us know what you think. We're willing to negotiate. 

P.S. There's only one clown we love. His name is Fizbo. 


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