George Clooney Is Engaged And The Tweets About It Are The Best

We want to thank George Clooney for getting engaged. But not because we're excited about his marriage or the fact that he's marrying some super smart attractive lawyer. No. We're excited because he gave the world something to tweet about. This is almost better than John Travolta's Adele Dazeem flub. It's definitely better than any Kardashian related news. And believe it or not, his engagement is even upstaging Beyonce and Jay-Z who announced their "On The Run" tour this morning. 



Now that you know George Clooney is engaged to a beautiful lawyer named Amal Alamuddin, we'll give you a moment of silence to take it in. Apparently there are a lot of women in mourning today. BECAUSE IF CHUBBY GIRLS ACROSS AMERICA CAN'T HAVE HIM, NEITHER CAN AMAL. 


Let's get back to the tweets.  Here are the best tweets we've seen about George Clooney's engagement so far. 



Congratulations to George! Here's hoping this all works out. Although, if she did happen to break up with him first, we're pretty sure that a heartbroken Clooney would make an excellent film. He'll be like the Adele of the movie world!   


Who else did George Clooney date? The list is LONG. And beautiful. And if you averaged out the ages of all the women, very young.  Check it out on our latest episode of The Rehash. 




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