Jay and Bey Officially Announce Their On The Run Tour

America's royal family, Jay-Z and Beyonce, have officially announced that they will be touring together this summer.  Awwww, if Blue Ivy isn't their opening act, what's the point? 



The 16 stadium tour will begin on June 25th in Miami! Pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow. No exact word on how much tickets will cost but it looks like the price range could fall between $50-$300. That's a pretty conservative price seeing as some have offered to sell a family member if necessary.



There are some rumors circulating.



Is a joint album in the works? Let's keep that rumor going and maybe it will happen! We can only imagine this guy is terribly disappointed with the official announcement.



Are you excited for the "On The Run" tour?



Bey and Jay have been performing together for years but this will be their first official tour together.



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