Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #RuinAMovieQuote

Last night's hashtag war, #RuinAMovieQuote, is still going strong on twitter this morning. We could do an entire post featuring ruined quotes from Fight Club or Forrest Gump alone. If we never have to see another tweet with "Nobody puts Baby in a (INSERT TERRIBLE LOCATION)", honestly, we'd be ok with that. 



Picking only 10 tweets to feature on the blog today was one of our toughest tasks yet. But we did it because we care. Here are our Top 10 #RuinAMovieQuote tweets.



In case you missed it, now is your chance to catch up on our latest episode of Headline Punchline. This week our comics joke about Avril's latest music video, Justin Bieber's Syzzurp and more!



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