How "How I Met Your Mother" Should've Ended..."

It's been three days since the series finale of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and fans of the show, some of them now ex-fans, are STILL furious. We cover the reaction on our latest episode of Daily Rehash.

Fans are so upset they've actually started a petition asking CBS to rewrite and reshoot the finale although it's highly unlikely CBS will do anything of the sort. The disappointed tweets are still pouring in.

This twitter user is trying her best to forget.

Let's say CBS agreed to rewriting and reshooting the script. How do the upset fans want the show to end?

Seems like the general consensus is fans would've been very happy to end the show at the exact moment Ted met Tracy and before the whole Barney and Robin get divorced, Ted's wife dies, and Ted starts to date Robin story line.

This next video which came out almost a year ago, went through a whole bunch of alternate endings. Many of which were definitely funnier than the actual ending.

But who knows if any ending could satisfy the fans. Deep down, maybe their anger is rooted in their inability to let the show go. Think about it.

There's one side of the story that isn't being told through all of this controversy. What about the people who enjoyed the finale?

Should viewers have to accept real life on a fake TV show? Just saying.

How would you have wrapped up How I Met Your Mother? OR is the ending just perfect the way it is?

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