It's Mean Girls 10 Year Anniversary: What Did Mean Girls Teach You?

It has been 10 years since the movie Mean Girls came out. Which means it's been 10 years since Lindsay Lohan made a good movie!



But look at us, acting like a bunch of mean girls already. Today on twitter, it's safe to say your timeline is filled with people reminiscing about the movie.  So we did a little research and found out all of the things that Mean Girls taught you based on your tweets. 


Mean Girls taught some "very important life lessons."



 10 years later and Mean Girls is helping guys navigate the dating world. 



 Mean Girls definitely impacted this generation's vocabulary. 




In case you didn't know, Mean Girls taught girls what NOT to say. 




 Mean Girls solved all kinds of problems. 






Didn't Mean Girls ultimately teach the opposite of this next tweet?





Did Mean Girls define who you are today?



Go home, put on something pink and watch Mean Girls. It's on Netflix now!




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