10 People Who Will Never Host The Late Show But We'd Sure Like To See Them Try

When news spread that David Letterman was retiring in 2015 it only took a few minutes before the internet began speculating about who would take his place. We've seen countless lists including Chelsea Handler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Ellen, blah, blah blah. Sure, they're all people who would most likely make great hosts. But that got us thinking, who would we REALLY like to see host The Late Show? And this list was born.


Here are the 10 People Who Will Never Host The Late Show But We'd Sure Like To See Them Try:

Zach Galifianakis - Zach feels like a natural choice. He's great hosting Between Two Ferns on the website Funny Or Die. Imagine what he could do with an hour on TV!willis

Macaulay Culkin - If only there was some way we could go back in time and stop Macaulay from aging and then transport him back to 2015 to host The Late Show. If only.gal_macaulay_culkin

Kristen Wiig - We'd love to see Kristen interview Kim Kardashian in character.wiig_babyhands

Nell from the movie Nell - Come on, you'd know you're intrigued. "Tay in a win..."76053ecff5b202d19ae48325432bd221

Andy Samberg - This feels like a no brainer. Everybody loves Andy and Andy loves everybody! Plus think of all the digital shorts. Of course, we'd probably have to get permission from his dad Lorne Michaels.tumblr_m6q0ndJmEy1qh0b3jo1_500

Charlie Day - We'd like to see Charlie host because his voice makes us laugh AND because we're sure he'd get in ridiculous fights with guests over things like which Kardashian he'd be better friends with or which Oreo flavor is superior. (Plus we hope his theme song would be "Day Man.")428620

Jaden Smith - If you aren't following this kid on twitter, you should at least check out his tweets with include deep thoughts like "School is a tool to brainwash the Youth." and "Trees never look sad. Look at them once in a while..."1379356439_jaden-smith-article

Jennifer Lawrence - Because apparently she's everybody's best friend.200_s

Troy and Abed in the Morning...But at NIGHT! - LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. PLEASE?


Baby Sinclair From The Dinosaurs - Do you really have to ask why?0

Who did we miss? Let us know!

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