How I Met Your Mother Fans Will Get Their Alternate Ending

Still have mixed emotions about the How I Met Your Mother Ending? We get it.




There's hope for you yet!


Carter Bays, co-creator of How I Met Your Mother, announced on twitter that there will be an alternate ending to the series finale. The only catch? You have to wait until the fall and buy the final season and/or box set on DVD.

Last week fans gathered nearly 15,000 signatures for a petition asking CBS to rewrite and reshoot the ending. Let's see their reaction to the big news.

Some fans are skeptical.

Others are filled with the kind of excitement only a tweet in all caps can express.

Some have set high expectations.

Others feel this will only interrupt their healing process.

Lastly, some, and they're in the minority, think an alternate ending is totally unnecessary.

Will you be purchasing the alternate ending?


Last week, host Matt Mattson, covered the fans reaction to what is being called the worst ending in the history of sitcoms ever, for real, in our latest episode of Daily Rehash. (By us--we're calling it that.)

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