Why Did Beyonce's Sister Solange Attack Jay-Z? Twitter Speculates.

TMZ reported this morning that they somehow got their hands on elevator security footage from the night of a Met Gala after party in which Solange, Beyonce's sister, attacked Jay-Z while Beyonce stood watching. 



The phrase "why Solange" began trending on twitter almost immediately. Because seriously, like, WHY Solange???


TMZ has no idea why it went down but we're sure they're doing whatever it takes to find out first. 


After the fight, Beyonce and Solange left in one car while Jay-Z was escorted by his security to another car. Drama! 


So what is the twitter-verse saying? 



Some people are speculating that Jay-Z did something to Beyonce that sent Solange over the edge.



The twitter world needs answers!



But instead of waiting for answers, the hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange is now trending.



Until we get some answers, we're going to be hearing about this for a while. 



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