Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #WorseCollegeClasses

Last night Midnight started the hashtag #WorseCollegeClasses and, whether or not they meant to, it really ticked off a lot of people. 


 So was Midnight being ironic? Is the hashtag a jab at English professors everywhere OR even more likely, does the hashtag mean, "take an existing college class and make it worse"? Listen, we're not grammar sticklers here at Daily Rehash. That's why this Top 10 #WorseCollegeClasses is particularly special. Who needs grammar anyway! In a few more years we'll be texting exclusively in emoticons anyway, right? Your tweets ain't half bad! Ya'll gone and did good here! 


Here are our Top 10 #WORSECollegeClasses:



Of course, over the last few days, all anyone can talk about is the big elevator fight between Solange and Jay-Z. In our latest episode of The Rehash we've got all the facts about the fued.



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