The Trolls Of Online Dating

Here are at Daily Rehash, we like to pay close attention to your dating life. We mean that in the least creepy way possible! Each week, our relationship show #Disharmony covers a new and important topic that every person faces in as they navigate their way in (and out) of a relationship.


Last week we talked about how soon a person should call someone after he or she gets their phone number.




And recently, we talked online dating. 



If you're on an online dating site, it's safe to say, we can all agree that dating is tough and weird and awkward. We recently saw this video from comedian Greg Kashmanian about his experience trying to meet girls on OkCupid. He wrote a song (a very catchy song) about the REAL messages he received from perhaps some of the most awful online dating trolls we've ever heard of.



Thanks, Greg, for sharing your song with us.


To all those ladies, NOT COOL.  

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