Is The New McDonald's Mascot Too Creepy?

McDonald's unveiled their new mascot on twitter this week. He's a kid's meal box named Happy! 



McDonald's fans and critics are not excited about the new mascot. Words used to describe him are "creepy," "unsettling," or "maniacal." (We can all agree he has ridiciulous teeth, right?) What do you think? Are you as terrified of Happy as everyone else? 



We stared at Happy for a while and perhaps he hypnotized us or put us in a trance he really THAT scary? Really? Think about all of the other cartoon characters, toys and mascots made for kids out there. We came with a few who we think are way creepier than Happy. 


How about Jack In the Box's mascot? That smile that never fades? Those blue circles one might call eyes that endlessly stare? 




You can't do a creepy list of any kind without mentioning the furby because the furby is the definition of CREEPY.  What is wrong with that toy?





 Remember troll dolls? Have you ever walked into a dark room with a bunch of troll dolls? It's as if they're watching from the shadows collecting all your secrets. Are you freaked out yet?



We'll never be ok with Tickle Me Elmo. That laugh. It haunts our dreams! 



Ummm...Teletubbies. Need we say more?



We've clearly proved that Happy isn't THAT creepy when compared to other mascots out there. But in case you need further evidence. You think Happy is creepy? Ever heard of Ronald McDonald?



Happy is no creepier than a clown who sells hamburgers and free smiles. McDonald's, you've got to work on your mascots.



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