Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Revealed

Yesterday another edition of Jimmy Kimmel's very popular segment, "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" was released and it is always a favorite of ours here at Daily Rehash. In this one celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts and more read terrible tweets written about them.



Have you ever wondered if the people who originally tweeted such horribly mean things feel bad seeing the celebrity they dissed reading them out loud? To be honest, we hadn't really thought about it until we saw a couple of other blogs, including E! News, reveal how twitter users responded to celebrities reading their awful tweets.  Here are some of the reactions. 

This tweeter has no remorse. 





We've had our fun teasing Ashton Kutcher but this isn't Mean Girls. Let's see how this twitter user is handling the spotlight.



Watching Two and a Half Men has made us and feel some pretty awful things as well.




This twitter use got a taste of his own medicine. 




Of all the responses this twitter user could've had, we think Mindy Kaling might actually appreciate this one.




 This twitter user kept his response short and sweet. 




This twitter users past caught up to him or her. 



 Next time you tweet something rude about a celebrity, remember, it might be read by them on national television and then a few more of your tweets might end up here. Oh and all of their angry fans will come for you. What has twitter done to us! 


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