5 Things The Bachelorette Revealed Last Night

Last night was the second episode of The Bachelorette featuring Andi the lawyer but the first episode with one on one dates. We felt like this was a pretty revealing episode. Let's recap and explain. 



Andi chose Eric Hill for her first one on one date. Eric is the contestant who recently passed away in an accident so knowing that made the date a little surreal. They went to the beach and then, in true Bachelorette fashion, hopped on a helicopter and flew to the mountains to go snowboarding, something Andi had never done before but Eric was clearly very experienced in. 


It wasn't the beach or the snow or Eric's terrifying story about his experiences in Syria (although that was probably the most interesting date conversation we've seen in the history of the show) that we'd like to talk about. It's that, when you're the Bachelorette, you get to park whever you want. You guys, if you didn't think the show was fake before, check out where Andi "parked" for their day at the beach. 



Couples who can find a place to legally park at the beach together, stay together. 


The next date was a group date with what seemed like 12,000 guys. There were so many of them! The activity? Stripping for charity. Juan Pablo did a similar date last season when he had the girls pose nude for charity. So apparently if you take your clothes off for charity, "ees ok." Stay classy, ABC!


But the real drama started after the strip tease when Craig had a little too much to drink. It seems like Craig was feeling a little insecure after taking his clothes off for Andi and wouldn't stop drinking. At one point, he jumped in the pool with his clothes on and that's when Andi lost her cool. Too few clothes, too many clothes. So many mixed signals! Producers eventually stepped in and helped him get it together. We never realized how much we love it when the producers step in until this episode. Check out the hipster producer in the picture below! Love your scarf, love your work. When the rose ceremony came around, Craig went home even after apologizing to Andi in song. Let's be honest, it was pretty clear he was going home sooner rather than later no matter what. 



Andi had a second one on one date this week (yes, it felt like an extra long episode) with farmer Chris. Farmer Chris is in love with Andi. He is totally smitten and won't stop telling her how happy he is to be on the show. They spent the day at the Santa Anita race track and then later had dinner and a private concert. The two danced together and Chris was the first guy to kiss the Bachelorette. Last season, Andi revealed that she's a terrible dancer when she had to dance with Juan Pablo. Lucky for her, Chris is also a pretty awkward dancer and the two of them stumbled around the stage together. Despite his bad dancing, he seems like a truly sincere guy. And yes, we really did just say that. 



Does Chris look like Chris Harrison's long lost brother? Or is he actually Chris Harrison in disguise! Chris Harrison did say that Andi was one of the best Bachelorette's ever. Finally! Chris Harrison gets a chance at love. 


This week at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Andi had to sit through Craig's apology song, a sock puppet show with Brett, breaking plates and shouting opa with Tasos and Marquel's amazing floral, stripe and checkered suit combination. We wonder what the "Pantsapreneur" had to say about that. 




At the end of the day, we don't really care who went home this week. At this point, Andi probably didn't care that much either. We have something much more important to point out in her journey to find love. Remember last season when Juan Pablo wouldn't stop saying, "Ees ok." and it drove Andi bananas? We noticed very quickly that Andi has her own "ees ok."



 Stop saying stop!


Next week there will be TWO nights of Bachelorette drama. Here's a little preview of what to expect. 



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