Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction Caught Smoking Weed

One Direction fans got a surprise today after a video surfaced of two of their favorite boy band members, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, smoking weed on the way to a concert in the backseat of a car in Peru. The video has since been deleted from it's original source but not before fans took to twitter to express their...well...reactions are all over the map.



After seeing the video, the pot is almost less offensive than their personalities. Yikes. Stop yelling!


Let's look at the fans reactions. There are the fans who just can't or won't believe it.



Seriously guys, no seatbelts? Grow up.  


There are the fans who are mad at the fans who are mad at Zayn and Louis.



Yeah, wait. That last tweet is a joke, right? You can never be too sure when it comes to One Direction fans. And then there are the fans who don't care. 



Some fans are disappointed that this headline is now overshadowing fellow band mate Harry who, earlier this week, raised over 300,000 pounds for charity in a celebrity football (soccer) match. 



That last tweet sounds like the beginning of some great lyrics. Channel that pain into a new hit song! 


To be honest, we're not sure if we care all that much about whether or not Zayn and Louis were smoking pot. Looks like they probaby won't get into too much legal trouble for it either as pot is legal in Peru as long as you own no more than eight grams of it and you do not possess any other drugs. 



No word yet on whether or not the two will issue any kind of apology.




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