Maleficent Is Here!

The much anticipated Disney thriller (and the name that's impossible to say without sounding like you have a lisp), Maleficent, is finally in theaters! We can't get enough of Lana Del Rey's spooky version of Once Upon A Dream. It's definitely not a song to fall asleep to. It will haunt your dreams. Let's get real, Lana Del Rey could sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and make it terrifying. 



Last time we checked Rotten Tomatoes the film was rotten at 47%. But that's just what all those snobby film critics think. What do they really know? We took to twitter to see what people are saying about the film.  



"Angelina's cheekbones really are amazing." - said begrudgingly by every women in America



Emotionally ruined because it was so bad? Or so scary? After seeing the film, some people have said it isn't as scary as the trailer made it out to be. (Thanks a lot, Lana Del Rey.)




Here are a few more twitter reviews.



While the movie is facing a little criticism, it still got an 11/10 rating, 3 "Reallys" and a "Super Duper" so it looks like we'll have to see it after all. 


Here's the trailer again, in case you somehow mananged to miss it. 





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