Animals Expressing Everything The Internet Makes Us Feel

1. Netflix just released a new season of your favorite show...


 2. Is this video for real? That can't be real. Is it? No, it must be fake. Let me watch it again. 


 3. Oh great, MORE pictures of your baby.


 4. HAHAHAH Keyboard cat. Gets me every time. 


 5. Oh no, Sharkisha did NOT just do that...


 6. 200 people said yes to your event...6 showed up...


 7.  A D-list celebrity just started following you on twitter.


 8.  "Buffering..."


 9. If I have to watch one more "Let It Go" parody...


 10. Is this one of those videos where you tell me to turn the volume up, put my face as close to the screen as possible and concentrate? I won't be fooled again! 


 11.  That Buzzfeed quiz I just took said I should've been an astrophysicist. I failed physics in college. 


 12. Finding out on facebook your ex, who broke your heart, got dumped...hard.


 13. Mom won't stop commenting on all my posts. 


 15. Nobody favorited your tweet...


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