12 Things We Still Love About Boy Meets World

On June 27th, the highly anticiapted sequel to the sitcom Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World will premiere on Disney Channel starring our favorite characters Cory and Topanga and their daughter. For those of us who grew up watching Boy Meets World, this probably seems like exciting news. But here's a little advice: lower your expectations. Based on the preview for Girl Meets World, the show is made for kids which makes sense. But we, the generation of kids who watched and loved Boy Meets World, are all grown up. The reason we love Boy Meets World so much is because we watched it years ago during our adolescence. These days, seeing a rerun on MTV2 in the middle of the night is nostalgic. But watching a new cast deliver cheesy lines to a laugh track in between episodes of Mad Men and Game of Thrones? We might not love it as much as we think we will.  


But let's forget about that. Let's go back in time and remember all the things we loved about Boy Meets World. 


1. Remember when Eric went out with that super sweet song writer who got on his nerves so he dumped her and she wrote a song called "Shallow Boy" about Eric and became all edgy like Alanis Morissette? (You know Jagged Little Pill was in your CD player at the time.)




2.  Boy Meets World was like a fine wine. When the whole gang graduated from high school and went to college, the show only got better. As the show progressed, Eric's character went from being the cool guy who everybody loved to the idiot who everybody still really loved. 




3. Shawn's hair. #ButtCut



4. Feeeny! F-e-ee-ee-eeny! 



 5. Remember when the show introduced Jack? Sigh....



 6. The best theme song of the entire series (they went through a few of them). 



7. Topanga asked Cory to marry her and we were all like "GIRL POWER!" (Spice Girls were also really popular at the time.) 



8. The episode where everybody thought Topanga was pregnant so they threw her a baby shower and she revealed that she had just gained some weight so Mr. Feeny set everybody straight. 



9. When Cory first asked out Topanga. 



10. Morgan, the snarky little sister. She was always good for a laugh and took great pleasure it making fun of her brothers.




11. When we first met Topanga, Cory thought she was super weird (and she was and we loved it). 




12. If this made your heart skip a beat at any point in your life, you are a true Boy Meets World fan. 



Here's hoping Girl Meets World will be as good for this generation as Boy Meets World was for those of us now attending our 10 year high school reunions. 


In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the preview for Girl Meets World. 



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