Jason Mraz Releases New Music With A Mini-Movie To Promote Upcoming Album


Jason Mraz is back! Actually we're not really sure if he went anywhere. We just haven't been paying attention. This weekend he released a 15 minute music video featuring three new songs from his upcoming album, "YES!" available on July 15th.  We'll let him explain. 



Truth is, while he says he isn't trying to make one finite video, he sort of made one really long finite video. Seriously, 15 minutes? Doesn't Jason know that Vines are almost too long these days? Here's a quick synopsis in case you don't have time to sit down and watch the whole thing. The "film" features a couple when they are young, middle aged and old (gross) and their journey of love. It feels a little like a Nicholas Sparks novel turned mini-movie without all the extra drama (like alzheimers or ghosts). There is one scene with the couple driving and making out and it feels a little wreckless. Kids, don't do that. Otherwise most of the video features the hot model couple staring into each other's eyes, smiling and laughing. It's sweet, if you like that sort of thing, and the songs are good enough. Jason Mraz really hasn't changed. His music is still that same chill, happy, feel-good stuff you're used and yes, he rocks a fedora in most of the video. 



The video has been out since Friday and has about 70,000 views so far. With over 800,000 subscribers and the new album coming out in a couple of weeks, we're sure that number will climb quickly. 


If you love Jason Mraz, you'll love the video. If you don't love Jason Mraz but you're interested in a 15 minute power nap, you'll also love the video. Check it out! 




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