Everyone Is Still Talking About The Luis Suarez Bite

Yesterday, when Uruguayan soccer player, Luis Suarez, took a bite out of an Italian soccer player during their match, the internet just about exploded. At first there was debate about whether or not Suarez actually bit Giorgio Chiellini. The footage was pretty undeniable. 



What came next, besides all of the hilarious tweets, vines and photoshopped pictures, was even creepier. Not only has Suarez bit people before but 167 people bet that he would during the World Cup. 



A Norwegian gambling website put up a prop bet before the World Cup started for "175-to-1 odds that Luis Suarez would bite someone during the tournament." 167 people took that bet and one winner collected $3,300. 



Companies are also cashing in on the Suarez spotlight. Snickers posted a particularly funny ad on twitter yesterday. 



 But all this publicity will ultimately be bad news for Suarez. Althought the ref didn't take any action during the game, FIFA began a desciplinary proceeding today and will decide what must be done with the now notorious biter. If he is found guilty, he could potentially be banned from the sport for two years. 



Suarez did try to defend himself saying it was an accident and thing's happen but nobody's biting. GET IT. GET IT. Alright, alright, are we ready to move on from the bite yet?



We're ready to move on....after just a few more tweets.



Ok, ok, that's it.



For now.  


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