Behind the Vine with Lele Pons!



Lele is from Miami, Florida and is one of the youngest Viners (she just turned 18 this week) to break into the Vine scene. With nearly 3 million followers on Vine alone, Lele is also known for taking the popular hashtag #DoItForTheVine to an extreme. 



Although she looks like a mix between Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, Lele is a natural when it comes to physical comedy. She has no fear. We'd argue that Lele's talent is on par with comedic greats like Molly Shannon and Kristen Wiig. In the Vine below, Lele explores Venice and falls where no Viner has fallen before (off a bridge).



Lele recently collaborated with other famous Viners like Cody Johns, Jerry Purpdrank and Curtis Lepore (all of whom we've interviewed on past episodes of Behind the Vine). 



Here at Daily Rehash, we're clearly big fans of Lele and we're excited to see where her career takes her. But she is just one of many Viners we've had the chance to interview on Behind the Vine. Last week, Eric sat down with Marcus Johns. 



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