Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested In NYC: See Twitter's Reaction

Last night, Shia LaBeouf was arrested at the Broadway show "Cabaret." Apparently he was escorted out of the performance during intermission because he talked through the first act, smoked and even went as far as slapping someone on the behind. One his way out, other patrons say he was shouting things like, "Do you know who the f*@k I am?" 



 Later at the police station, it was reported that Shia actually spit on some of the police officers. Earlier in the day, he had been seen talking with fans in Times Square and, according to TMZ, chasing a homeless man around when he was certain that the homeless man was wearing his hat. Yikes.



Of course, Shia has been trending on twitter since the news of the arrest broke.



Aaaand cue the Transformers jokes (which oddly enough premiered at midnight last night). 



Speaking of Amanda, Is this an Amanda Bynes situation all over again? 


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