Everything You Need To Know About The Last Two Episodes Of The Bachelorette

This week we got a double dose of #Bachelorette D-R-A-M-A. There is SO much to cover in this recap, we'll do our best to streamline the last two episodes into the most important things you need to know after this week's journey. 


Don't call Andi a TV actress. She'll send you home and then yell at all the other guys about it. Last night Eric made the mistake of accusing Andi of being "fake." 



It's very clear Eric wasn't smitten with Andi like some of the other guys already are. However, some of what Eric said was kind of true. And later in their conversation, even Andi admitted that she was exhausted and it was hard to give every guy the geniune attention they desired. Instead of listening to what Eric was trying to say and unfortunately what he said came off pretty arrogant, Andi got REALLY defensive. She started crying and then lectured the guys about how real this was to her. It was awkward. Painfully awkward.




 During her meltdown, girls everywhere were like, "Stttopppp, please stttoooppp." 


So far this season, all of the one-on-one dates have been boresville so we were thrilled when Boyz II Men showed up on Sunday night's group date.  The group was tasked to sing 'I'll Make Love To You" on stage at their concert. During rehearsal, the men revealed that they are all terrible singers and Andi is even worse. The opera singer made everyone particularly uncomfortable.    



 Last night Andi received a love letter from a "secret admirer." We'd love to meet the Production Assistant, aka “secret admirer” who was assigned to help one of the guys write that "love letter." It was even more ridiculous when, as she read the letter, we had to watch blurry b-roll of a man writing a love letter. Keep your eyes open, people. Whoever wrote that letter wears a giant pinky ring!





On their one-on-one date, JJ (the Pantseprenuer) and Andi put on some special effects makeup and transformed into old people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the park. Because dressing up as old people is exactly what it's like to be old.  




Our favorite contestant this season is Marquel. Problem is, we think Andi just wants him to be her best friend. 



 Marcus, Brian and Dylan are madly in love with Andi after this week's episodes. Marcus had to face his fears and talk Andi off a ledge, literally, when they repelled off the hotel they were staying in while the other guys watched from inside. Andi almost had a major meltdown and Marcus handled it well. Great job, Andi. Way to plan a date that you were terrified of. Marcus stepped up and distracted her with questions about her family and life as they repelled down the building. 




Andrew, one of the contestants we've never seen until today, was bragging to the guys around the house that he got some girl's phone number. The guys confronted him about it and he ran up and hid in his room. He clearly isn't here for the "right reasons" AND THE REST OF THE GUYS JUST WANT TO FIND LOVE OBVIOUSLY.


So at the end of two episodes, Tasos, Eric, Bradley, Brett and Ron went home. (Although Ron went home because a close friend passed away.)  


Jimmy Kimmel put together a clip of Andi's favorite word (Stop) that we covered in last week's recap. 



Until next time, this was everything you need to know about the last two episodes of Andi's journey. Good luck, Andi. We hope you find love? Yeah, sure, whatever. 


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