Transformers: The McDonald's Of Movies?

Over the weekend Michael Bay's Transformers 4, officially titled, "Transformers: Age of Extinction" was released and it made a record breaking amount of money. 



Not only did it make nearly $100 million nationwide, which by the way is the most any movie has made in it's debut weekend in 2014, but it also made over $200 million worldwide. 



And yet everywhere we turned on twitter over the last few weeks and especially the last 72 hours, all anyone can talk about it is how terrible the movie is. 



If everybody hates Transformers SO much, why did it make over $100 million? And suddenly we realized something. Is the Transformers franchise the McDonald's of movies? We'll let Jim Gaffigan explain. 



Of course, that would mean Avatar is Burger King and Adam Sandler movies are Jack in the Box, right? 


So how many people out there tweeted how much they hated the movie and still found themselves in a movie theater watching it with a $7 coke and $14 bag of popcorn?



We searched far and wide and found a few people who liked the movie and they weren't afraid to tweet about it. 



If you want to save yourself almost 3 hours (Michael Bay doesn't know when to quit), here's a review that sums up the movie perfectly.




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