NBA FINALS: The Heat Couldn't Stand The Heat And The Tweets About It Are Hilarious

Last night was game 1 of this year's NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. At the end of the night the Spurs came away with a victory, 110-95. But that's not the main headline from last night's game. The air conditioning was broken in the AT&T Center and the players were forced to duke it out in 90+ degree conditions. Apparently it was so bad, that LeBron James, how do we put this, couldn't take the Heat. His leg cramped up so badly he left the game with 3:59 left to go.



LeBron haters seem to be pretty happy about it. While LeBron is, undoubtedly, a great basketball player, he's no Michael Jordan, who, back in the 90's played against the Jazz in the finals with the flu and won. LeBron critics are loving this. 



 We should stop with the tweets but, ok, just a few more. 



If you weren't enjoying Lebron's major fail last night enough, here's a 7 minute highlight clip of Michael Jordan playing with the flu against the Utah Jazz in 1997. Oh and he still scored 38 points. 



 Enjoy it while you can, folks. Because the air conditioning is already fixed which means Lebron is going to come back to the next game in full force. Better eat up a few bananas to avoid those cramps. 




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