Behind the Vine with Daniel Nguyen!

Daniel Nguyen aka DANampaikid (on Vine) is one of the most versatile Viners we've seen. While he may not have Vine "characters" like Brittany Furlan or David Lopez, he can act, dance, backflip like King Bach and, seriously, don't get between Daniel and a sword (like actual real swords). 



Like Lele Pons, Daniel is one of the youngest Vine stars right now. He moved to Los Angeles from Boston and currently lives with fellow Viners Jerry Purpdrank and Max JR who you will both see in many of his Vines.



It's not hard to like Daniel. He's one of those Viners who everybody wants to be friends with (particularly if he'll let us in on his nerf wars).  



If you aren't following Daniel on VineInstagram and Twitter, you absolutely should be. We're looking forward to seeing what's next for Daniel beyond the world of social media. Meanwhile, we recently had a chance to sit down with Jerry Purpdrank on another episode of Behind the Vine. Check it out now. 



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