Top 10 #BetterKickstarters

This week, a Kickstarter campaign asking for $10 to make a potato salad went viral and suddenly Zack Brown, the man behind the potato salad, had over $40,000 from strangers across the country. Some people are outraged that the kickstarter made so much money. Maybe all the people who made contributions were just relieved to be asked for something like potato salad instead of another documentary made by your friend's boyfriend about his dead dog. Too sad! Either way, we can only assume it made a lot more money than Brown ever imagined. (Unless of course this turns out to be some kind of publicity stunt for Hellmann's Mayo.) 

With the potato salad Kickstarter on everyone's mind, it was only appropriate that @Midnight started the hashtag #BetterKickstarters.  At first we couldn't imagine anything better than potato salad but after combing through your tweets, we picked the 10 that we wish we would've thought of. Here are our Top 10 #BetterKickstarters.

So while Zack Brown is raising money for potato salad, another guy is suing ESPN for airing footage of him sleeping during a Yankees game on national television. Really? Yes, really.

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