Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #NewESPYCategories

Last night, ESPN's ESPY Awards aired with Drake as the evening's host. While some people were skeptical that Drake could pull of a hosting gig like this, it seems like the actor turned musician successfully brought down the house.  Some of the highlights of the evening included the US World Cup team receiving Best Moment for their win against Ghana a few weeks ago, Michael Sam's speech after receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and on a lighter note, Maria Sharapova's towering height over Floyd Mayweather. And of course we can't talk about last night's ESPY awards without mentioning the Drake, Blake Griffin and Chris Brown skit. 

In keeping with the evening's events, @Midnight started a hashtag war with the hashtag #NewESPYCategories. And keeping tradition alive, we picked our favorites. Here are our Top 10 #NewESPYCategories. 

The ESPY Awards come only a week after a man who fell asleep at a Yankees baseball game decided to sue ESPN for $10 million after they aired footage of him sleeping during a national broadcast. Way to waste his 15 minutes of fame, right?

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