EPA Office of Water Sends Out Tweet About Kim Kardashian and the Twitter-verse Is United Once Again

Nothing brings twitter together like a mistake. (Do we have to remind you of Anthony Weiner?) We all have a good laugh and congratulate the fallen tweeters for entertaining us for a few seconds before we move on to whatever else distracts us next. 

On Monday night, the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water sent out a tweet that was clearly not meant to be sent to their 50k+ followers. While it isn't a tweet that HR needs to be called in about, it's definitely a tweet that most of us would be ashamed of. They have since deleted the tweet and apologized for it but don't worry, this is the internet, where nothing can be forgotten. 

Clearly whoever runs the EPA's Office of Water twitter account has a problem. Because we can only assume he or she is addicted to the game and not very good at it. Only C-list status? Of course, most people took the opportunity to poke fun at the EPA in between waiting for more lives on Candy Crush. (We're all addicted to something, right?)

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