Inventor Builds Giant Butt To Fart At France

Colin Furze keeps himself busy and the rest of us entertained with his inventions that he documents on Youtube. In fact, he's become a bit of a Youtube celebrity and his most recent invention caught our eye. 

That's probably because a giant butt meant specifically to fart at France is hard to miss. 

Yes, Furze decided, because the sound of the pulsejet he invented sounded so much like a fart, that he wanted to see if his neighbors in France could hear it fart from all the way across the English Channel. But he couldn't just build a pulsejet without creating a butt to surround it. And boy is he proud of his work.  

In case you noticed, yes, the song in the background is all about farting at France and will be stuck in our heads the rest of the day. Below are the videos documenting the entire process of building the pulsejet and the butt. 

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