J.K. Rowling Releases New Harry Potter Short Story

Harry Potter fans woke up to some very exciting news this morning. J.K. Rowling released a brand new short story featuring Harry Potter and his family and friends on her website Pottermore.



The 1,500 word story is written as a tabloid article by gossip columnist Rita Skeeter who reports that Harry and his friends were reunited at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. That's right, 2014. Harry Potter is now 34 years old. His hair is going gray and he's got a mysterious new scar on his cheek. This is so much better than anything TMZ ever reported and we don't even like Harry Potter THAT much.



Obviously Potterheads are ecstatic about the story, meanwhie the the rest of the world will probably just wait for a movie about it.  



Can we expect more stories from J.K. Rowling? What's the word on Diagon Alley? 

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