Tweets About New Nicki Minaj Music Video For Anaconda Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Last night at midnight exactly Nicki Minaj released the somewhat highly anticipated (depends on who you're asking) music video for her single, "Anaconda." If you feel like you've heard that song before, it's because she sampled the famous "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun." from Sir Mix-A-Lots song, "I Like Big Butts." The video is full of butts. So many butts. The video has been trending on twitter since it's debut and already has over 4 million views on youtube alone. If you dare watch it (seriously NOT safe for work), beware. But what might be even worse are the tweets celebrating the video for...well, we're not really sure what for. 

Warning: these tweets aren't safe for brains. 

Maybe this guy's being sarcastic. 

   Pretty sure the Ice Bucket Challenge isn't meant for this.

If only George Washington knew...

Apparently we don't know what feminism really means.

But never fear! These people get it. 

Now cleanse your soul and "Shake if Off" with Taylor Swift's new music video.

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