5 Things To Take Away From Last Night's VMA Awards

1. Taylor Swift is officially no longer a country singer, right? Last night she performed her new single "Shake It Off" (which we secretly listen to non stop right now) and suddenly we realized, wait, wasn't she a country singer? Here's a clip of her performance with the vocals isolated because the internet is full of haters. 

2. Even though Ariana Grande looks like a 14 year old, she is actually 21. When the pop star walked on stage for the opening number of the VMAs, everyone thought two things. First: Wow she's singing live and it sounds great. Followed by: how old is she? Should we be watching her dance around like that? 

3. When surrounded by all of the other nominees, performers, and random VMA hosts, anyone over 30 seemed old, especially Usher who should've won the award for least memorable performance. Other people who felt old there: Sway, Gwen Stefani, J. Lo (even in that dress we were still reminded that she's 45), Snoop Dogg. Should we go on? 

Usher's performance felt so old Nicki Minaj had to come out on stage and rap about Vines. 

4. We know we already mentioned Taylor Swift but she's worth mentioning twice. Last night we were reminded of how awkward our sweet Taylor really is. She's like that friend you can't help but like because she's always so happy for you. Taylor sat in the audience and danced and sang along to every single performance, bless her heart. 

5. Hey guys, guess what? Beyonce still reigns Queen Bey. Last night, Beyonce was presented with the Video Vanguard Award after what seemed like a 20 minute performance. She sang and danced and it never stopped (no one was complaining). 

Yes, we all know everybody loves Beyonce. But we did learn something from her last night. When Beyonce took the stage, there wasn't a single person who didn't think about the divorce rumors that have been ALL over the news for the last couple of weeks. And then suddenly BAM right there in the audience were Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy danced along. Jay-Z got up and gave her the award. They kissed. It was adorable. And then we were like, "WHAT DIVORCE RUMORS? YOU SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH TMZ. LONG LIVE KING JAY AND QUEEN BEY. ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD."

What did you learn from the #VMAs this year?

Until next year!

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