Big Bang Theory Cast Gets Million Dollar Deal. P.S. The World Is Ending.

The Big Bang Theory can start Season 8 production finally (because we were SOOOOOOOOOOO worried) now that the three leads, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco signed new million dollar deals.  As in they will each get paid $1 million for each episode. 

So The Big Bang Theory, which will be around for at least another 3 seasons, will continue it's nerdy reign. When the cast of Friends or Seinfeld were making over a million an episode was it this upsetting? We're not taking the news well and neither are many of you on twitter. So we compiled a few of our favorite reactions that we can most definitely relate to.  


We'll just let those tweets sink in while we alternate between punching and crying into a pillow (because we couldn't bang our heads against the wall anymore without causing permanent damage). 


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