Chris Pratt Is The Internet's New Best Friend

Chris Pratt is everywhere! You can't open Facebook or twitter or google or your eyes without seeing something about Chris Pratt claiming that he's the greatest human being on earth. And here's the thing. We don't disagree. So instead of repeating what we all already know, here's a blog post with a list of blog posts loving on Chris Pratt. 

Are you crushing on Chris Pratt? So is everybody else! 

Did you see Chris Pratt give a tour of Star-Lord's spaceship? It was just like MTV Cribs!

Apparently Chris Pratt can rap. And it's a-mah-zing.

Did you hear that Chris Pratt predicted his role in Jurassic World?

Did you know that Chris Pratt was voted Class Clown in high school? You didn't until this morning but now you'll never forget!

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