Miss New York Won The Miss America Pageant With The Cup Song

Last night, Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, won the Miss America Pageant and her talent was...wait for it...THE CUP SONG. 

She combined the two things we never wanted to ever hear again: Pharrell's song "Happy" and the cup song from the movie "Pitch Perfect."

And sadly, it wasn't very good. It seemed like she got nervous when the crowd wasn't going wild for her mashup (did we mention she wasn't wearing any shoes?) and her vocals and rhythm were all over the place. 

After her performance most of us watching were sure she had no chance of winning.

Yet, somehow, she still managed to beat out the opera singer, the dentist, and our personal favorite, the ventriloquist (seriously tho).

We've seen the cup song in a pageant before. When was that? 

At the end of the day, Miss America seems like a perfectly nice girl. She looks great a bikini and wears white after Labor Day like it's her job. She's breaking all the rules! 

Congratulations, Miss America!

Can't wait to see what talents we'll see next year now that the bar has basically been obliterated.

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