Behind the Vine with The Gabbie Show!

The Gabbie Show is a one woman show with a whole lot of personality. Gabbie's not only funny and charming, she's also a total babe. 

While her Vine profile says she's pretty funny for a girl, we think she's just plain funny. Gabbie's Vines are totally relatable and all too true. 

Gabbie is also killin' it on instagram and twitter. If you aren't following her there already, what are you waiting for? You can also subscribe to her new YouTube channel here.

In case you missed it, check out our recent episode with Axl James (who often appears in Gabbie's Vines). To catch up on more episodes of Behind the Vine click here. If you aren't already, follow @DailyRehash on twitter for new episodes of Behind the Vine every Thursday. 

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