Twitter Is Absolutely Loving Donald Trump's Retweet Snafu

Poor Donald Trump (said no one ever)! Trump got duped on twitter. Comedian Philip Bradbury tweeted at Trump saying, "My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration.Can you pls RT for their memory?" and included a picture. However, the picture wasn't really his parents. No, it was a picture of serial killers Fred and Rose West. But before he knew it, Trump, who is known to retweet similar sentiments like this, fulfilled the comedian's wish and now the internet is basically pointing and laughing at his mistake. 

Of course, Trump has already deleted the tweet and he is NOT happy about it.

Philip Bradbury better watch out.

Nice? Trusting? This is coming from a man whose catchphrase is "You're fired."

Trump has been getting all kinds of retweet requests ever since.

Some good has come from Trump's mistake.

The first few people who noticed the mistake fought the urge to tell him.

But overall, we're worried about the long term results of his mistake.

Favorite? Really? Trump spends a lot of time on twitter. It's not all mistaken retweets.

Be careful. If you compliment Trump's twitter account too much or give him too much credit for his mistake, he really might run for President and nobody wants that.

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