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Zachary Levi on Odin's Whereabouts & Nerd HQ

DweebCastApr 17 '14

TV and film star Zachary Levi stops by to chat about the Nerd HQ crowdfunding campaign, Joss Whedon's dance moves and where the hell Odin might be after the end of Thor: The Dark World!

Zachary Levi stops by to chat about NerdHQ and everything else he has been up to. 


NerdHQ is a byproduct of Comic Con and happens in San Diego. The event costs a million dollars to put on and with no funding guarantees, Levi and his team decided to start an IndieGoGo campaign. 


Though the campaign has raised more than a quarter of a million, is falls short of the goal considerably. The actor tells host Andy Riesmeyer that there were no guarantees of any sponsorship money at first but they expect to use those funds, along with the crowdfunding money, to put on the event. 


Zachary Levi talks about the guests that are going to be on NerdHQ. "I never know!" He says. Since the event happens around Comic Con, the organizers just ask some of the stars if they have time to spare and a surprising amount says yes. 

“I want to keep bringing something that special to the world”


Fan favorites that have been to Nerd HQ include Nathan Fillon and Joss Whedon. NerdHQ is an event that provides an intimate setting for fans to interact with their favorite celebrities and enjoy themselves while being able to contribute towards something important. "These interviews are all fan Q&A for an hour. I want to keep bringing something that special to the world," He says. 


When asked if he's going to be in the next installment of Thor, he says he doesn't know yet, though he would love it. As far as he is concerned, though, there is no clear winner between the Xbox One and the PS4. 


The IndieGogo campaign is now closed.