Let's Break Down the New Batsuit, Shall We?

Yeah. It's awesome.




Posted by Jesse B. Gill



Ok, guys. The new Batsuit. All of sudden we don’t care how long Warner Bros. and DC Comics had to wait to make this Batman/Superman movie. After a look at that Batsuit, it all seems worth it.

Obviously, there are a lot of things to talk about here, so let’s start with the cowl. Those ears are so cool. Short and stubby (in a good way), just like we’ve seen in many of the comic iterations of the suit. It’s definitely something we haven’t seen in a movie yet.  

You will note that the cowl seems to employ the “one-big-hunk-of-rubber” approaches of pretty much every Batsuit before the Dark Knight, when Christopher Nolan and company decided to make the cowl connect to a separate neck piece, to let Christian Bale’s Batman actual turn his head. The one-piece cowl does look cool, but it may force Ben Affleck to be all shoulders when he puts it on.

Next, we got the cape. We don’t get to see much of it in the photo, but it looks to almost have a leathery texture to it. It will be cool to see more of it as we move forward.

The bodysuit might be the coolest feature this suit has going for it. Looks like someone draped some kind of tactical fabric over body armor. A lot of people have said the suit is covered in veins, but I think those are just folds where the fabric gathers. Bottom line, this looks like a tactical garment, which is probably why I love it so much.


That the shape of the bat-emblem on his chest looks to match the one used in the Superman/Batman logo Snyder and company rolled out at Comic Con last year. I love that it’s a new interpretation of the logo and how it seems like it’s a little Frank Miller-inspired.

The gauntlets go to the elbow and look like a protective garment to protect a guy who does a lot of pummeling. You get a look at one of the scalloped fins on the gauntlet of his right hand. Looks kind of like how Jim Lee draws them.

Like the one used in Nolan’s trilogy, this new utility belt seems to use metal compartments to keep Batman’s gadgets in. So no leather pouches. Yes, it makes sense that a guy who’d spend a fortune on a state-of-the-art tactical battle suit would probably spend the extra scratch on a fancy belt like that, but there’s something cool about the leather pouches that makes me still want to see them.

Also? The belt’s not yellow. We saw Batman ditch the yellow belt in Arkham Origins and now, it appears our newest on-screen Dark Knight will go the same route. It’s always a bummer to see some of the classic uniform elements go away (i.e. briefs on the outside of the pants), but I can’t deny that it looks pretty cool to make the belt black.

Speaking of briefs on the outside of pants, we don’t know yet if Batman will have them or not, as the photo gets cut off. But looking at how Snyder de-briefed (Get it? Sorry.) Superman, it’s likely that you won’t see the little chonies on Batman either.

And don’t forget the guy underneath that suit. That’s Batfleck, guys. That’s the guy the Internet took a collective dump about when he was announced as the next Batman. Looking at him costume makes me feel like all of that might not have been deserved. Dude looks great. Also, he’s huge.

And almost as an understatement, we get a look at the Batmobile. I can’t to see more of this awesome vehicle. I’m not a car guy but I love me a good Batmobile. This one seems to take elements from the Keaton Batmobile (like the long fuselage) and the Tumbler from the Nolan trilogy (it looks like a mini-tank).

Whatever doubts I had that Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck could give us a new version of the character that still stays true to the Batman mythos have been more than assuaged. Hell, I’m really excited to see this Batman on screen.


Hurry up and get here already, 2016.  

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