Are Marvel Video Games About to Get WAY Better (or Worse)?

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Posted by Chad Neidt


Recently, Marvel asked Activision, Capcom, Blizzard to stop digital distribution for a some of its games. Some titles include Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, X-Men: The Official Game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Since the licensing rights between these companies will expire soon, word around the ‘net is spreading that Marvel might be trying to bring all their gaming franchises under the same roof at Disney Interactive Studios.  


In the past couple months Marvel has discussed a plan to employ their own comic book writers to lead story development which will help create a unified “Marvel Gaming Universe.” 


This could be better if Marvel can repeat the success of what Batman: Arkham Asylum and the 2 following Arkham games did with its franchise that executed the Batman formula everyone knows and loves, but it could also be a catastrophe given Disney Interactive’s non-existent list of mature-themed games.


Not to say Disney couldn’t do an amazing job (if that is the case and not just a rumor, but let’s face it, the assumption isn’t outrageous). They do have the power, money, and resources to make some great Marvel games that could expand on the movies. However, they also spent more than $250 million making The Lone Ranger which didn’t even make half its investment and has a robust score 30% on 


One game that sticks out as a successful movie tie-in was Enter The Matrix, which focused on what the supporting characters from the films were doing while Neo was busy becoming Jesus Christ.


Bottom line, if Marvel is trying take its games in-house with Disney, it could be a step in the right direction because it means putting more time, money and passion into the games. If the Disney rumors are true, this is Marvel’s chance to step up and become a legitimate force in the gaming industry instead of a kiddie-pleasing, fetch-quest factory.

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