Scarlett Johansson is a Hero Again and We Can't Wait

Only this time she gets the whole movie to herself.

Posted by Leah Singerman


Here at DweebCast we love our ScarJo, and for good reason: Scarlett Johansson can kick some serious ass. We loved her in Avengers, and something tells us we're going to love her again in Lucy, which comes out next month. Check out the trailer below: 


So, Lucy a girl who gets caught up in some shady deal that causes her brain to use more and more of its capacity. It's based on the idea that we humans only use 10% of our brains, which isn't actually true... but we can ignore that right now. Anyway, the longer the movie goes, the more power she has. And apparently if we had full use of our brains we could all do stuff like moving objects, freezing time, and reading minds. Good thing we're stuck at 10%, am I right? 


This movie also stars Morgan Freeman and his incredible voice, which in my opinion is pretty much its own superhero. Looks like he's the scientist who tells us about whatever it is that's making Lucy into a superhuman science experiment thing. 


Anyway, the trailer looks pretty solid, although the premise seems eerily close to Limitless (2011). Oh, Bradley Cooper. The only other lame thing about Lucy is that it's rated "R" for "strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality." Major bummer, but we'll let you know how it is. 


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