Splatoon: The G-Rated Shooter Game

Why has nobody thought of squid shooters until now?

Posted by Leah Singerman


Shooter games are fun, there's no doubt about that. But, let's be real, they do get a lot of flack. For starters, the characters are usually all super buff guys, which leaves the rest of us non-super-buff guys feeling a little less than cool. But the main issue people tend to have with shooter games is how violent they are.


I'm not gonna get into the whole argument of what violent video games do to the people who play them, but I am gonna say that this new game, Splatoon, has found a way to keep shooter games fun while avoiding the violence thing (and the gender thing) altogether.


Check it out below: 



Okay, let's break it down. So instead of shooting guns, we're shooting paint. This is cool for a few reasons. First of all, paint=color=no more really dark, intense, but kind of boring-looking shooter games that are all brown, black, and grey. Cool thing number two: unlike flying bullets, flying paint is way more visible, so you have a much better idea of where your opponents or allies are shooting, for better or for worse. And the most obvious reason why I'm into the paint is that you still get to shoot, but it's not violent. Perfect for those of us who want the fun without the gore. 


And also, not only are the characters no longer super buff guys, they're not even guys. They're not even always people. They alternate between being squids and little girls, which is pretty refreshing. And you can do all kinds of cool things as a squid that you can't do as a person. So that's fun and new, and it also says a lot (hopefully) for the future of shooter games- I can see it now, games full of this girl. Does anyone else think shooting fish would be hilarious?


Bottom line, we're excited about this game. You've got your classic shooting with allies and enemies, but in totally new and different ways. Well done, Splatooners. 


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